Dallisgrass Treatment

Dallisgrass is a difficult weed to control. Because of EPA restriction, MSMA the herbicide that controls Dallisgrass, can no longer be used to control this weed in residential or commercial lawns.

Newer products have been introduced for Dallisgrass control. These products need to be applied in late summer and early fall with a follow up after 30 days. We have found success; however, we still cannot guarantee the control of Dallisgrass. Due to the cost of these new products, this treatment may be a chargeable service for new customers.

We will continue to treat for the Dallisgrass in the late spring and summer months. However, it will only suppress the Dallisgrass. The suppression will prevent Dallisgrass from growing and prevent seed head production. The weed will appear to turn yellow and look as if it is dying. Unfortunately, after 4 to 6 weeks the Dallisgrass will begin to re-surge.

We will treat the Dallisgrass each time we service your lawn in the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, we cannot control the Dallisgrass, only suppress it.

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