Modified Stage 3 Watering Restrictions

With most communities restricted to watering twice per month, we realize that you are limited to how often you can water your lawn and landscape. The instructions below are a guideline for watering during this time. By measuring the amount of water and using multiple watering cycles during your water day, you can maximize the amount of water for your lawn and landscape and reduce the amount of runoff to the street and sidewalk.

Example: Turn your sprinkler/irrigation station on for 10 minutes and measure the amount of water in a small flat bottom container. If in 10 minutes you measure the water at ¼”, you will need to cycle your sprinkler four times that day to achieve 1″ of water. By starting the cycles over at the end of the last cycle, the water will have time to soak into the soil to prevent water running off onto the street or sidewalk. Run your sprinkler cycles three, four or more times during your water day to achieve the desired amount of water. Using the “repeated cycles” method, you can water your lawn and conserve water at the same time. This will help you to achieve the maximum amount of water for that water day.

Turf Diseases: Watering at night during the summer heat rarely causes disease problems. In most cases we do not recommend watering at night, however during these water restrictions, we have to utilize the time that we are allowed to water on our designated water day.

Fertilization: Granular fertilization applied with a professional broadcast spreader will not burn the lawn. Although it may be a few days before your watering day after a fertilization treatment, the fertilizer will still be effective without harming the grass.