Mosquito Control

GroGreen’s mosquito control service allows you to protect your family, friends, and pets with confidence.

Introductory Offer!$89.95 + tax, up to 5,000 ft2 or Ultimate Offer! 3 month/90 day Guaranteed Mosquito Free Treatment $199.95 + tax, up to 5000 ft2 (save $69.90)

Mosquitoes are no longer an irritation pest; mosquitoes are a full blown health threat. Transmission of diseases such as West Nile virus, encephalitis, and most recently, Zika virus has spread across the United States. As a result, the demand for mosquito management and control has increased.

GroGreen’s Pest Free Mosquito Control Programs offer proven, long-lasting control. Unlike other services, the mosquitoes are controlled as they land on treated surfaces. Instead of only repelling them, our treatments are not allowing them to continue to breed, bite, or spread disease.

We offer:

Reliable, long lasting protection outdoors.
Prevent, and protect your family and friends from the biting, nuisance, and danger of mosquitoes.
No costly investment of sometimes ineffective and annoying misting systems.
Don’t be afraid to go outdoors! We offer GUARANTEED satisfaction for one full month.

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