Specialty Services

Specialty Services

GroGreen’s speciality services tailor treatments to your lawn to deliver the absolute best results year after year

The contents and timing of our applications may change based on climatic and agronomic conditions specific to your lawn.

Specialty Services

Dallisgrass Treatment

Dallisgrass is a difficult weed to control. Because of EPA restriction, MSMA the herbicide that controls Dallisgrass, can no longer be used to control this weed in residential lawns. We will treat for the Dallisgrass. However, it will only be suppressed. The suppression will prevent Dallisgrass from growing and prevent seed head production. The weed will appear to turn yellow and look as if it is dying. Unfortunately, after 4 to 6 weeks the Dallisgrass will begin to resurge. We will treat the Dallisgrass each time we service your lawn in the summer months. Unfortunately, we cannot control the Dallisgrass, only suppress it. Our industry has yet to find a suitable replacement for MSMA. We continue to seek for new products with the hopes of controlling the Dallisgrass in the future.Learn More…

Nutsedge Treatment

$69.95 plus tax for up to 5000 sq.ft. Nutsedge is a common weed found in many home lawns and other turf grass areas in the United States. There are many different types of Nutsedges but Yellow and Purple Nutsedge are the most common turf pests. Nutsedges are easy to distinguish in your lawn due to their characteristics in growth habit, light green color and rapid growth rate resulting in a non uniform turf. Learn More…

Aeration Program

$99.95 per Treatment, up to 5,000 sq. ft. The GroGreen core aeration process is usually performed twice each growing season depending on your particular lawn. We’ll be more than happy to evaluate and recommend a core aeration schedule that is best for your lawn. Learn More…

Tree & Shrub Feeding

$69.95 plus tax per treatment (up to 2,000 sq. ft. of landscape) GroGreen’s Tree & Shrub Program will help your landscape plants reach their true potential for healthy, beautiful growth. Applications may change based on climatic and agronomic conditions to best suit the needs of your trees and shrubs. Learn More…

Grub Prevention

$74.95 per Treatment, up to 5,000 sq. ft. An effective treatment guaranteed to control grubs in their earliest stages – before they get a foothold on your property. Let us apply this valuable treatment to your lawn. It’s an ideal insurance policy against these difficult-to-control insects, and you’ll see no grub damage all season long. Learn More...

Fire Ant Control One Year Guaranteed

$89.95 per Treatment, up to 5,000 sq. ft. Each year fire ants become more of a problem throughout our communities. They can destroy plant material, damage utility equipment, and in some cases cause severe allergic reactions to humans and pets with their dangerous sting. GroGreen’s blanket treatment for fire ant control will stop the spread of fire ants throughout your lawn. GroGreen has an effective treatment that’s guaranteed to control and prevent fire ants for one full year. At GroGreen, we feel it’s important to provide this service to help protect you and your family from these unwanted pests. Learn More…

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Client Testimonials


GroGreen is by far the best lawn chemical treatment company in the Dallas area. I had a weed infested yard, and within a year it was beautiful green and healthy with very few weeds. I agree with the other guy who said it takes time. Some people expect way too much from just one or two treatments. They advised me on my mowing and watering habits, which I changed. And along with the treatments, my lawn is now the beautiful lawn I’ve always wanted. The office staff has always been very friendly and helpful.

Deej N.

I have been using GroGreen for years and have been on their plan. No weeds, no worries, they take care of it all. Remember, weeds just don’t disappear overnight, be a little patient and with a little water and some cutting and trimming, you will have a beautiful yard. These guys aren’t magicians, but they are the BEST at what they do.

Edward P.

I had no idea my lawn could look this good. I used to wonder what the secret was to a beautiful lawn. Basic watering and mowing made it look good, but ever since hiring GroGreen a little over a year ago it just looks awesome! Service is great as well. They call every time before they come and the technicians – when I see them – have all been very courteous and answered our questions on the spot.

Joshua H.

I have used GroGreen for 2 years and my yard has never looked better. Their technicians are always courteous and informative about what they will be doing for that particular visit. I would recommend GroGreen to anyone that wants a nice looking yard without having to do the chemical treatments yourself.

Mark L

Glad to use their service. I got the service because I was unable to keep up with the treatment process. I initially went with another service that pretty much accused me of lying about what they did as far as treatment. GroGreen came in and has been very detailed. My lawn looks great now and the weeds are diminishing. Can’t wait to see it next spring.

Rocky O.

GroGreen has taken care of our lawn needs with great detail. The service technicians are quick and thorough. We have had fertilizer treatments, aeration, and a tree treated for insects. Our lawn is looking better daily. I highly recommend using GroGreen for your lawn needs.

Sidney S.

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