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Our Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

Our 8-step program includes fertilization and weed control. See our specialty services for targeting specific issues like thatch, Dallisgrass, Nutsedge, and grubs. *First application only $29.95 (up to 5,000 ft², new customers only)

Interior & Exterior Pest Control Services

We seek to control those pesky pests before they enter your home. If needed, we are able to address many common pests like rodents, termites, ants, and many others. Keep your family and pets safe with fire ant and mosquito control, both specialty services.

Dealing With Watering Restrictions

Watering restrictions can save our natural resources, but it doesn't mean your lawn has to suffer. Water smarter by reviewing and implementing these easy steps to keep your landscape looking great!

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Our Customers Love Our Services

Read our customers' testimonials below, then request a quote to see for yourself!

I had no idea my lawn could look this good. I used to wonder what the secret was to a beautiful lawn. Basic watering and mowing made it look good, but ever since hiring GroGreen a little over a year ago it just looks awesome! Service is great as well. They call every time before they come and the technicians - when I see them - have all been very courteous and answered our questions on the spot.

Joshua H.

GroGreen is by far the best lawn chemical treatment company in the Dallas area. I had a weed infested yard, and within a year it was beautiful green and healthy with very few weeds. I agree with the other guy who said it takes time. Some people expect way too much from just one or two treatments. They advised me on my mowing and watering habits, which I changed. And along with the treatments, my lawn is now the beautiful lawn I've always wanted. The office staff has always been very friendly and helpful.

Deej N.

I have been using GroGreen for years and have been on their plan. No weeds, no worries, they take care of it all. Remember, weeds just don't disappear overnight, be a little patient and with a little water and some cutting and trimming, you will have a beautiful yard. These guys aren't magicians, but they are the BEST at what they do.