Brown Patch Fungus

Brown patch is a powerful fungus disease that infects the grass blades and stems nearest the soil. Usually, affected turf exhibits rings or circular patches of brown, blighted grass.

These patches can range in size from a few inches to several feet in diameter. In severely affected areas, the patches can converge so that there is no noticeable pattern.

Battling brown patch

Like many diseases, brown patch likes lawns with too much thatch, too much moisture or too much fertilizer. The best defense is a well-balanced fertilizer program, aeration when needed, and the right watering techniques.

Of course, sometimes even when we do everything right, disease can strike. A fungicide treatment can chase the disease away, but to help your grass recover more quickly, it will need more.

Diseases most often move from plant to plant in water, so deep watering in the morning, which gives grass time to dry, is especially important. Aerating helps to remove extra thatch and brings with it better air circulation and water penetration. Aeration also improves overall soil drainage, which cuts down on wet soggy spots where disease can spread. And finally, a light fertilization gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to recover quickly.

If you suspect brown patch or any other disease problem, give us a call. Quick action is critical to beating this disease to the punch.

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