Getting the Best of Broadleaf Weeds

Regular Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Dandelion, chickweed, ground ivy, henbit, knotweed, plantain, thistle…all sorts of broadleaf weeds will soon be making an appearance in our lawns. It would be great if we could eliminate these pests once and for all. The thing is, they create a lot of seeds, so complete elimination isn’t possible.

Just one dandelion seed head can hold over 200 seeds, which are capable of traveling very long distances by wind, water, on animals and on the bottoms of our shoes. New weed seeds are constantly finding their way into the soil on your property, and they can remain in the soil for years until they get enough sun and water to germinate.

Good Lawn Care Practices Crowd Out Weeds

Proper lawn maintenance to encourage thicker, healthier grass is the best way to prevent broadleaf weeds on your property. The denser your lawn, the less room these weeds will have to grow. The three keys to crowding out broadleaf weeds are:

• Removing no more than 1/3 of the grass blade with each mowing. This keeps the soil shaded to discourage germination of weed seeds.

• Making sure your lawn gets from 1″ to 1½” of water per week from rainfall or sprinkling.

• Fertilizing regularly to expand your lawn’s root system for more vigorous growth.

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